DESIGNER AND ART DIRECTOR — Working with individuals and
organisations, with a goal to create beautiful, functional and elegant design
solutions. Mostly interested to work in the realm of the lifestyle, fashion, beauty
and the contemporary culture industry, but also open to other industries that share the same design passion.
My process is essentially focused on using art direction, research and concept design as a starting point
to draw ideas for my projects.
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Completed 2019 

Honest Department are an online department store specialising in ethical and sustainable women's apparel and accessories, conveniently delivered and smartly advertised. Encapsulating the spirit of ethical consumerism and  conscious buying, they cater to a generation that demands the same quality of design - just with more heart. I was contacted by the team to design an organic, but sophisticated Brand Identity followed by an E-Commerce  platform and all the Brand’s print / promotional materials.

Typefaces Swiss Typefaces, Linotype     Portfolio Photography Kristina Atanasova    Lifestyle Photography Aigua 

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